My experience
Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:23pm

I was "approached" twice by female "supervisors."

First time, late at night at work, prepping for next day. She and I had a long conversation, alone in her office, about her lonely, sexless, dysfunctional marriage, and I was not getting her drift and intent. Not until long after the fact did I understand. See, I took my marriage vows so seriously, I never even entertained the idea of cheating. So when this person- an attractive blonde woman came onto me, I didn't see or think of it that way. It suddenly turned very different and cold when I asked her, "Do you know Jesus?" Absolutely NOT what she wanted to hear. Later, I came to understand her real intent was to get me in the sack. She became vicious toward me.

Had another encounter years later with another female principal. She was more blunt, and told me she thought I would be good in bed and if I wanted, I should go for it. That one, I got. Funny how women treat you different when you turn them down.

The board troll who pesters you a lot is quite the "swinger." I've known "dirty old men" like that in "clubs." There was a "key club" where the menfolk put housekeys in a hat, and the key you picked was your sex partner for the night. You had to be "one of them" for invitation to their "club." People like them are often the first, and worst in making destructive accusations of others.

  • more enraged than the victim. She accepted his apology as sincere. No other skeletons have emerged. I think Bill Clinton should have resigned. I probably need to burn some pictures of my time... more
    • Does not anyone have any balls anymore?PH👙👙EY, Fri Nov 17 9:39pm
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    • My experience — Pikes, Fri Nov 17 4:23pm