I fail to see what is the big deal.
Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:02pm

He was not a senator. He was a comedian at the time. It was a small "guy" joke. What is it nowaday that humor is in such short supply??

  • I concur.Poppet, Thu Nov 16 2:57pm
    Not just because my default position is to believe women who come forward about this sort of thing, but also because with this hanging over his head, there's no way in hell Franken can do his job... more
    • I fail to see what is the big deal. — PH☃☃EY, Fri Nov 17 9:02pm
      • Humor?Poppet, Sat Nov 18 1:12pm
        Well, if you're twelve years old, I suppose.
        • Some of us never did grow up.PH👀EY, Sat Nov 18 7:30pm
          It's not my kind of humor, granted. Truth is my guffaws require the perverse kind. Otherwise I don't laugh. Gallows humor works for me.
        • Doug Jones LeadPikes, Sat Nov 18 1:34pm
          in Alabama continues to rise and now stands at 12 points. He better be careful because if the lead grows to 13, Roy Moore may want to date it.
          • Ha!Poppet, Sat Nov 18 5:51pm
            *golf clap*
      • Not CERTAIN of that, but the pix seems to fit the scenario HE describes. However, IF it wasn't a scripted gag and he had actually assaulted her, that's NOT a "small guy joke", it's assault.
        • AgreedPH👀EY, Sat Nov 18 9:41am
          But this is obviously not an assault. She has not accused him of a physical moleststion. It's odd but her public disclosure seems to have been a perfect counter balance to the Moore accusations.... more