Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:42am

If the "grope" was real, it would not have been made in presence of witnesses and photographed.
If real, Franken would not be turned toward the camera for approval.
However, staged or not, the photograph is juvenile, with appeal to juveniles, and reeks of poor judgement. It is not conduct I expect of a Senator, although given the whopping 15% public approval of the Senate, perhaps it should be expected.

    • How is it that this woman PH🙀🙀EY, Sat Nov 18 9:36am
      comes out NOW and creates a public row? Maybe she is not asleep? And given the photo magazine images, is she rather a day late and a dollar short? Why wear anything at all! Are we being mind f..ked?... more
      • It's OBVIOUSLY a gag photo shot, but it's not clear if she IS or is NOT "in on the gag"
        • By default at least.PH👙👙EY, Wed Nov 22 2:13pm
          But what was she doing on this tour? Her claim to fame, from a soldier's point of view would have been her magazine spreads. It is not like she was a nun. Far from it. I really find the gag photo to... more
          • Your insinuation is not only fallacious ("poisoning the well"), it's despicable. Every woman, regardless of her history or occupation, has the right to not be subjected to that shit if she hasn't... more
            • You forget the difference betweenPH🌭🌭EY, Wed Nov 22 9:00pm
              Testosterone and estrogen. One is aggressive. The other is passive. One seeks release. The other fulfillment. I wonder when Demi Moore will be excoriated for her underage predilections? Maybe she has ... more
              • Sheer clueless bullshit.Poppet, Wed Nov 22 9:48pm
                Men haven't been able to get away with boorish and/or predatory behavior simply because of their regrettable hormonal imperatives* in decades, you utter fossil. Men who can't keep that shit in check... more
                • You would not exist PH🌽🌽EY, Wed Nov 22 10:03pm
                  But for that "rib." Give it back! You still fail to address the cultural commercial flaunting of the female like a dangling hook. The male grabs for the bait and is slapped down for being... more
                  • Were I inclined to such beliefs, I suspect my mythologies would predate that so-very-stereotypically-Middle-Eastern line of hoary old patriarchal bullshit. However, I prefer to stick to reality. "You ... more
    • Absolutely — Pikes, Sat Nov 18 12:42am