Maybe there are too many roads?
Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:14am

Stop destroying the natural environment. Our confabulation is a artificial connivance about which its structure is a death trap for the natural world. I am not sure a "right" is involved in procreating anymore than is the necessity to eat and breathe. Granted one can live without sex and babies. But it is a natural proclivity upon a creature who seems hellbent on abstraction and artificiality of environment. We take a living planet and try to kill it, and ourselves in this degenerative process. Prince William is having a third child but complains about over population.

  • Laws of the jungle....wondering, Sat Nov 18 4:00am
    How far should we go to protect human life in the "jungle" of civilization? Should humans have a right to conceive life that they cannot or will not raise or care for? Should humans have a duty to... more
    • Maybe there are too many roads? — PH👁👁EY, Sat Nov 18 10:14am
      • I don't agree.wondering, Sun Nov 19 9:41am
        I don't think we or any other creatures are trying to kill a living planet. Most are just trying to survive and thrive until our own death, and hopefully the planet will live on to support future... more
        • Man, the godPikes, Sun Nov 19 11:44am
          We say He made us in His image. More like we made Him in ours. Enough never is. Good enough never is good enough. I tinker with and practice two things, never reaching "good enough." My music, and my ... more
          • Music and gardens....wondering, Mon Nov 20 12:14am
            Two worthy endeavors, I'd say. I've been picking around on the piano a bit myself lately, and will probably do more of that over the winter months since I won't be outside as much working in the yard ... more