Doug Jones Lead
Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:34pm

in Alabama continues to rise and now stands at 12 points.
He better be careful because if the lead grows to 13, Roy Moore may want to date it.

  • Humor?Poppet, Sat Nov 18 1:12pm
    Well, if you're twelve years old, I suppose.
    • Some of us never did grow up.PH👀EY, Sat Nov 18 7:30pm
      It's not my kind of humor, granted. Truth is my guffaws require the perverse kind. Otherwise I don't laugh. Gallows humor works for me.
    • Doug Jones Lead — Pikes, Sat Nov 18 1:34pm
      • Ha!Poppet, Sat Nov 18 5:51pm
        *golf clap*