Birds of a Feather, Power Corrupts, etc.
Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:20pm

Seemingly paradoxically it takes a strong man or woman to be powerful safely.

  • $ and crime are familiar bedfellowsPikes, Sat Nov 18 1:57pm
    Anywhere that much money and power accumulate, criminals are attracted. How hard is it to senate? To represent? Look at them! To be a Walmart door greeter is harder. Lots of lawyers give up their... more
    • Birds of a Feather, Power Corrupts, etc. — Merlin, Sat Nov 18 3:20pm
      • off Mar a Lago. The 522 foot yacht has its own helipad and helicopter, a submarine, a deep sea diver, and is worth about 25% the Bloomberg estimate of Trump's real worth. Abramovich is Putin's... more