I don't agree.
Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:41am

I don't think we or any other creatures are trying to kill a living planet. Most are just trying to survive and thrive until our own death, and hopefully the planet will live on to support future generations. That is why we need to conserve and preserve the planet and the environment.

Usually, nature has its own way of culling the herds or finding its way back to a healthy balance. Most creatures just go along with the ebb and flow of life and death and the balance of nature. The human creature, however, is another story. Humans are haughty and greedy beyond reason. They want to play God.

Humans want to be the GREATEST... building cities and roads and buildings and weapons... going beyond any limits or restraints... just keep GROWING the economy... GROWING our arsenal of weapons, with the intent to attack any who might stand in opposition of mindless greed and growth beyond nature's balance or carrying capacity... and then hope that Jesus or God (the imaginary biggest and greatest of all) will forgive and save us and the planet from our mindless greed and egoes of wanting to be the biggest and greatest. We are doomed.

  • Maybe there are too many roads?PH👁👁EY, Sat Nov 18 10:14am
    Stop destroying the natural environment. Our confabulation is a artificial connivance about which its structure is a death trap for the natural world. I am not sure a "right" is involved in... more
    • I don't agree. — wondering, Sun Nov 19 9:41am
      • Man, the godPikes, Sun Nov 19 11:44am
        We say He made us in His image. More like we made Him in ours. Enough never is. Good enough never is good enough. I tinker with and practice two things, never reaching "good enough." My music, and my ... more
        • Music and gardens....wondering, Mon Nov 20 12:14am
          Two worthy endeavors, I'd say. I've been picking around on the piano a bit myself lately, and will probably do more of that over the winter months since I won't be outside as much working in the yard ... more