Man, the god
Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:44am

We say He made us in His image. More like we made Him in ours.

Enough never is. Good enough never is good enough. I tinker with and practice two things, never reaching "good enough." My music, and my garden. After composing The Fourteeners, I went back through and rescored and then rerecorded to make it better, and will probably do it again given some time and distance for ability to immediately see what must be done to make it better.

On David Koch's Wichita conference room wall is a large US map with oil pipelines drawn all over it. When asked what Koch Industries owns, Mrs. Koch giggled, "Why, all of it." Enough said.

  • I don't agree.wondering, Sun Nov 19 9:41am
    I don't think we or any other creatures are trying to kill a living planet. Most are just trying to survive and thrive until our own death, and hopefully the planet will live on to support future... more
    • Man, the god — Pikes, Sun Nov 19 11:44am
      • Music and gardens....wondering, Mon Nov 20 12:14am
        Two worthy endeavors, I'd say. I've been picking around on the piano a bit myself lately, and will probably do more of that over the winter months since I won't be outside as much working in the yard ... more