In the Immortal Words of Auric Goldfiger
Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:27pm

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."

Perhaps it is a issue of proxemics.

Usually, I think, the distances are set by each culture, but I think variances occur within the culture in certain settings such as athletics, dancing, etc., as well as individuals whose sense of the appropriate distance is different for some reason.

Perhaps, for men such as Franken or Daddy Bush, being that close to a woman, in eachn others Intimate Space, makes them feel "intimate" with them enough to grab a handful in a playful manner.

My personal proxemic distance settings are a bit greater than average, making it disconcertingly difficult for those individuals who have a habit of standing closely or touching one to emphasize a point while having a conversation. ;-)

  • Two is a direction, and establishes a patternPikes, Mon Nov 20 11:47am
    Who does this? What is the motivation? Timing remains suspicious. But does celebrity invite unwanted or inappropriate familiarity? How many strange women's butts have you grabbed? Me? Easy. None. A... more
    • I do not pat anyone's ass PH☃☃EY, Sat Nov 25 5:34pm
      Except my own....with a towel to dry off. Now it's been years since anyone patted mine. Old age is hell!
    • In the Immortal Words of Auric Goldfiger — Merlin, Mon Nov 20 12:27pm