Trump has done all possible without legislative help
Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:30pm

Has the combination of POTUS and Congress ever done less?

You need something really destructive to enjoy. Here. Play Nuke Your Town. Find some libtard strongholds, nuke 'em, and see how many you can kill.


1. Drag the marker where ever you want to detonate your nuke. You can reduce the map to generally target any location, US or anywhere else in the world, and then zoom in for placement accuracy.
2. Enter a yield. I recommend choosing from the preset menu below, the B-83, largest nuke in the regular US arsenal, and the Dong Feng 5, standard in the Chinese arsenal.
3. Choose airburst, casualties, and radioactive fallout
4. Detonate.

For grins you can redo using larger or smaller nukes. You can see how minuscule what we dropped on Japan are comparatively.
Try some of the really big nukes, like Castle Bravo, Ivy Mike, and Tsar Bomba

  • "President Trump spent his Sunday tweeting about how black men are insufficiently grateful to him and to America." Such incredibly ignorant Libtard Trump-hating idiocy.
    • Trump has done all possible without legislative help — Pikes, Mon Nov 20 5:30pm
    • to listen to or read a report about what someone's father said about his efforts to get his son out of jail and then tweet an emotional outburst? Probably not more than a few minutes. Multiplied by... more