Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:50pm (XFF:

You don't feel there is ANY hyperbole involved there?

I read and reread the description of the incident.

His hand was on her butt. Just on it. Not that I'm happy to have to parse that description, but there's no squeezing, no probing, no slapping, no pinching, no caressing, etc.

Was it a good thing? Nope. I understand that later, she referring to it as being "groped." But that's not what she describes in the retelling of the incident itself.

I know I've accidentally touched people's butts. It happens. Depending on the context and situation, I could see it as completely understandable if those involved simply ignored that it happened.

Again, I don't refuse to believe that it happened. I accept that the woman was upset by it. Apparently, not upset enough to say anything in the moment, or to not smile for the picture, or to say anything to Franken afterward - but upset enough to tell some family and friends that she was grossed out. All certainly accepted. But what happened isn't particularly vile or nasty. Not in our current context.


  • A Particularly Vile and Nasty "Pebble"Merlin, Tue Nov 21 1:54pm
    Franken had just met Lindsay Menz and her husband, does not know them from Adam and Eve, and smilingly proceeds to degrade her in front of her husband just for his own perverted shits and giggles,... more
    • Really? — Amadeus, Tue Nov 21 2:50pm