Perhaps my perspective is off
Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:46pm

Didn't Menz' hubby take the photo of them? I can see a Franken personality grabbing a butt for that photo op as a joke. A very poor taste joke. Thinking they might show it off forever- the famous Al Franken grabbing Mrs. Menz. At the very least, he should have asked permission. Better would have not done it at all.

If more grabbed step forward to say so, that changes the whole thing on a dime. Franken's ice is dime thin.

It appears since 1990, at least 47 Congressmen have been accused of serious sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct resulting in their demotion or resignation. No wonder it's called The House.

Even Artur Rubinstein fooled around.

My friend Eugene Fodor's career ended when he became immersed in sex and drug culture. The fishbowl hath dues. I jumped out of the fishbowl when the crowd began to show up. Its an amazing dichotomy when you're becoming popular and so many people want a piece of you, but you go back to that hotel room every night after a performance alone and lonely. I never grabbed or groped nobody.

  • I don't see anything hammy about smiling like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth while getting a handful of an unsuspecting woman's butt cheek while her unaware husband snaps a photo. I'll not be... more
    • Perhaps my perspective is off — Pikes, Tue Nov 21 11:46pm
      • Yeah, I can relate to your post.PH😳😳EY, Thu Nov 23 9:48am
        In what now seems like another lifetime, I had many experiences within the circles of high culture and finance. I could write a book....Young, Pretty, and Felt Up. And could "feel encouraged" but for ... more
      • A very poor taste joke? Merlin, Wed Nov 22 8:11am
        Franken was lucky that her husband didn't put his fist in his face right then and there. If that was Franken's idea of a joke, he doesn't belong even on SNL, never mind the Senate. ;-)
        • Poor judgment, I agreePikes, Wed Nov 22 10:28am
          There'a a juvenile quality to the man. Trump too. But this is Franken. Some of the Menz fallout now may be another kind of fist in the face. From the "now that that's come up" vault. Hopefully it... more
          • He is insecure.PH🤓🤓EY, Sat Nov 25 5:31pm
            His entire personality is one predicated upon self-doubt and low self-esteem. It's a facade. I don't care if he gropes tarts. But he ought to leave out the housewives🙃