Good Question! I Was in a Barnes & Nobles Teen Fiction Aisle
Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:47am

and asked a young woman I bumped into to help me resolve this conundrum.

We exhaustively tried out the various scenarios, and finally both agreed that he first grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in so they were cheek to cheek, and then smoothly slid his hand down to her butt cheek.


  • If he pulled her in close rather quickly, I was thinking that it was possible that he inadvertently grasped the wrong place? IDK. I'm trying to figure out HOW he yanked her in close AND grabbed her... more
    • Franken was playing, Menz wasn't. Pikes, Wed Nov 22 10:41am
      I totally see it as a photo op improv for a picture Franken thought would be talked about for years. But not in this way! The man is an actor. For many, in public means in character, role playing.... more
    • Good Question! I Was in a Barnes & Nobles Teen Fiction Aisle — Merlin, Wed Nov 22 9:47am
      • THEN proceeded to "grab ass", then HOW did she manage to smile normally like she did? It doesn't make sense to me that he did that and she was smiling normally like that.
        • It takes only a fraction of a second to snap the photo once you press the button.
          • Granted. I get it. The surprise PH👀EY, Thu Nov 23 9:25am
            while her hubby snaps the pic. But SHE let the moment slip away. She failed to simply say "Al, you old pervert, keep your hands to yourself." "And thanks for posing with me." No, these sad creatures... more
        • Oh, I know....PH☃☃EY, Wed Nov 22 11:02pm
          She was in "shock." LOLs..... Did she ever ask for an apology from him prior to going pubic?