All those years where she could have
Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:03pm

contacted Frankenstein. She could have told him how she felt. She could have asked him to apologize. This was an issue between the two. He was not a political public figure. All these years...... Why now? Because other 'outers' gave her the strength? I think it says much about the moral fiber of people who wait until the peak of others' careers and then proceed to ruin them. It is like burning down the village in order to save what? And in the wake of all this dirty laundry are wrecked lives.

  • I Don't Know...Amadeus, Mon Nov 20 3:43pm
    I have been wrestling with this. Are both of them unworthy to sit in the Senate? I don't think so. There are more than just differences in the accusations themselves. There are differences in how... more
    • All those years where she could have — PH💋💋EY, Wed Nov 22 2:03pm
      • Not Much Of A Meteor...Amadeus, Tue Nov 21 9:51am
        More of a pebble, but still - I'll take the victim at their word. Amadeus
        • A Particularly Vile and Nasty "Pebble"Merlin, Tue Nov 21 1:54pm
          Franken had just met Lindsay Menz and her husband, does not know them from Adam and Eve, and smilingly proceeds to degrade her in front of her husband just for his own perverted shits and giggles,... more
          • Really?Amadeus, Tue Nov 21 2:50pm
            You don't feel there is ANY hyperbole involved there? I read and reread the description of the incident. His hand was on her butt. Just on it. Not that I'm happy to have to parse that description,... more