Sheer clueless bullshit.
Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:48pm

Men haven't been able to get away with boorish and/or predatory behavior simply because of their regrettable hormonal imperatives* in decades, you utter fossil. Men who can't keep that shit in check and keep their hands to themselves can just suck it up when they get called on it. Cross the line into actual sexual assault and they get to spend some time in an orange jumpsuit in terror of dropping the soap in the shower. A few years of looking over their shoulder might clue them in on why what they did was wrong.

Or they'll get shanked. Either outcome is fine by me.

You (rather predictably) manage to miss the entire point of the sexual revolution: that women have equal sexual freedom to men. That freedom includes the right to make their own decision about participating in any sexual activity, in any circumstance. That doesn't change simply because a cull-worthy minority of males can't control their animal instincts well enough to not commit sexual assault. Women are under no obligation to cater to or in any way whatsoever accommodate throwbacks like that.

With the exception of the models and the relative handful of women holding decision-making positions in the marketing industry, I assure you that none of us are much thrilled about (or played any part in creating) all that "sex sells" objectification. That's your crap, XY folks...not ours.

* In the civilized world, that is...a category to which I realize this decaying nation only dubiously belongs.

  • You forget the difference betweenPH🌭🌭EY, Wed Nov 22 9:00pm
    Testosterone and estrogen. One is aggressive. The other is passive. One seeks release. The other fulfillment. I wonder when Demi Moore will be excoriated for her underage predilections? Maybe she has ... more
    • Sheer clueless bullshit. — Poppet, Wed Nov 22 9:48pm
      • You would not exist PH🌽🌽EY, Wed Nov 22 10:03pm
        But for that "rib." Give it back! You still fail to address the cultural commercial flaunting of the female like a dangling hook. The male grabs for the bait and is slapped down for being... more
        • Were I inclined to such beliefs, I suspect my mythologies would predate that so-very-stereotypically-Middle-Eastern line of hoary old patriarchal bullshit. However, I prefer to stick to reality. "You ... more
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