You would not exist
Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:03pm

But for that "rib." Give it back! You still fail to address the cultural commercial flaunting of the female like a dangling hook. The male grabs for the bait and is slapped down for being male-aggressive. Go back to kitchen. And the hearth. Stay at home. Make America GREAT again!! PHOOEY!

  • Sheer clueless bullshit.Poppet, Wed Nov 22 9:48pm
    Men haven't been able to get away with boorish and/or predatory behavior simply because of their regrettable hormonal imperatives* in decades, you utter fossil. Men who can't keep that shit in check... more
    • You would not exist — PH🌽🌽EY, Wed Nov 22 10:03pm
      • Were I inclined to such beliefs, I suspect my mythologies would predate that so-very-stereotypically-Middle-Eastern line of hoary old patriarchal bullshit. However, I prefer to stick to reality. "You ... more
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