The findings of studies and reviews
Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:57am

Sessions ordered another review of gun laws. Another review. To review the previous review implemented to review prior reviews before that review. The findings will be reviewed and compared with best practice reviews relative to the situation, and then reviewed for possible cross disciplinary practices to be reviewed for possible implementation after adequate review.

If researchers want to study a mentally ill demography, populated by individuals with extreme views and violent tendencies, who should never own weapons of any kind, they should focus on a troll infested public message or conversation board.

Their study could be reviewed before implementation and again after, to determine if implementation produced a reviewable effect. That could lead to further studies and reviews to finally set the nation into motion, leading somewhere. Once motion is detected, it could be studied and reviewed to determine if motion was in the correct direction. That could expand into studies and reviews of all directions, certainly stimulating job growth in the fields of research and review.


  • I'm SO tired of the lesser of two evils. Our country and our society are seriously suffering as a result of tolerating that crap.
    • The findings of studies and reviews — Pikes, Thu Nov 23 12:57am