Menz Said She Spoke Out Only Because She Was Encouraged
Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:25am

by other women speaking out, and she wanted to thank them for their courage and encourage other victims to speak out to protect everyone from future such incidents committed by Franken and enyone else.

Makes good sense to me.

  • Oh, this one does have her clothes on. PH😳😳EY, Wed Nov 22 11:17pm
    My mistake. She looks like a nice girl. Should have spoken up at the time of the alledged squeeze. Why now?
    • Menz Said She Spoke Out Only Because She Was Encouraged — Merlin, Thu Nov 23 8:25am
      • Not to me, actuallyTruthteller, Sat Nov 25 3:21pm
        Very early in my career, I was groped and subjected to verbal harassment from my 76 year-old attorney boss. I was 19. At first, I shrugged off the verbal harassment, but the day it got physical (he... more
        • Please accept my apology.PH💋💋EY, Sat Nov 25 8:05pm
          While I had a momentary hot flash at some of your commentary, I can see you have great integrity. You did what the cowards and gold diggers fail to do in the moment. Bless you. And I have been... more
          • It is NOT as easy as she's made it sound.Sia☺giah, Sun Nov 26 1:34am
            MANY victims are major "breadwinners" for their families. To quit would take food out of their mouths. In cases like that, people put up with a helluva lot more than they might want to put up with.... more
            • En Contraire (sp)PH😳😳EY, Sun Nov 26 7:12pm
              I got the picture. She did the right thing. And it was difficult for many reasons not fully described. Conditioning the male with conflicting messages begins at a early age. I blame our culture. I... more
            • My quitting nearly made us homeless...Truthteller, Sun Nov 26 12:46pm
              but my husband agreed that there was no way I could work for that man anymore. He was a large man for his age and I feared that next, he would rape me. The main reason we didn't become homeless was... more
      • Yes, that manta seems to work.PH👹👹EY, Thu Nov 23 9:15am
        They all "feel encouraged." FEEL! How about not feeling? How about thinking? How about thinking about the wrecked lives that are far far more morally appalling than a squeeze and a grope that caused... more
        • I have no sympathy for perverts of ANY typeTruthteller, Sat Nov 25 3:22pm
          and they have NO business working around anyone they feel they have the right to manhandle. Maybe if more of these scum lose their jobs, they'll learn to keep their hands to themselves and their... more
          • Hysterical or what😀PH🌽🌽EY, Sat Nov 25 5:24pm
            I promise I won't grope you. Keep your boobs in yo blouse!
            • Enough.Poppet, Sat Nov 25 6:28pm
              Knock this shit
        • Normally your posts are simply disconnected from reality and unintentionally amusing. This is another matter entirely.
        • CLEARLY, you are part of the problem.Sia☺giah, Sat Nov 25 12:56am
          Therefore, I expect nothing but claptrap BLATHER from you on this issue. Having never BEEN a woman, you obviously have NO CLUE how demeaning your words are or how humiliating it is for women to... more
          • When I was a kidPH💋💄👗EY, Sat Nov 25 12:04pm
            I recall that access to "dirty magazines" was not an easy endeavor. We kids knew the corner grocery store hid this somewhere behind the counter. Let's go back to that. Let's put clothes back on these ... more