Thanks to the current fixation upon
Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:45pm

sexual predators, I do feel some angst for that male walking with the female. And for her though she holds the top card. The photo might imply this is just a quiet Thanksgiving day-fall season stroll into the parkland. And we assume they might be father and daughter, husband and wife, brother and sister, or pastor and supplicant. Oh no, that is (put celebrity name into slot) and the female is a job seeker, or some gold digging out of work insecure liberated vengeful female. What I am saying is this overload of alledged rapes, molestations, pats, gropes and just plain ogling has molested my sense of assumption. My reality is now warped. I do not trust this image to be all sweetness and light. I suspect we will hear in about ten years that she put a knife to his throat and demanded sex, and a good paying secretarial missionary position. Perception is not what it once was. The pic, given the current national self-mutulation, is utterly surreal.

  • The Miracle of an Ordinary Day Merlin, Thu Nov 23 10:15am
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    • Thanks to the current fixation upon — PH💋💄👙EY, Thu Nov 23 12:45pm
      • away from regular society. You've surely got some "interesting" ideas going on in your head. YIKES.
        • It's about conditioning.PH🤓🤓EY, Sat Nov 25 11:39am
          "Regular society". LOLs. Yes, this was no accident removing me from it. Too bad the internet exists. My post is meant to try another tact about how the image might be construed. I think it's a good... more