Kind of self-selecting....
Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:50pm

Given any group of people, some people will have no interest whatsoever in being armed... Probably best that they not be armed as they lack the motivation to do it right.

There will also be those who aren't willing to put the effort into getting the training and paying the fees to get a license to carry. Probably also best that they not be armed because they don't take it seriously.

There will also be those who, for various reasons, are not qualified to get a license to carry. Probably also best that they not be armed as most of these will have a history of poor decision making.

That leaves the few. Those who want to carry, who are willing to put the time, effort, and money into getting licensed, and who meet all the federal requirements to possess a firearm, and additionally the state requirements to carry one...

It kind of automatically weeds out the troublemakers.

Even with well publicized and well known license programs like Texas has, there are just over a million license holders in a state of over 25 million.... Even excluding minors, criminals, and those otherwise prohibited, it still isn't a HUGE percentage of the eligible adult population that has a license. So, the odds of having a church were ALL of the parishioners would be licensed and carrying existing is slim to none. Though I do know a few churches where the numbers are significantly higher than the general public because the church ITSELF hosts handgun license classes for its members. I've taught a few of those classes for them.

In my experience, MOST churches I've dealt with are closer to what you describe, though not quite so formal has having "Sergent-at-Arms" roles... Usually it is simply that the pastor (who carries) recognizes that Mr Smith (who also carries) attends the 10:30 services on Sunday mornings.... So the pastor asks Mr Smith if he wouldn't mind sitting near the right hand door during services to help out in an emergency.

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    • Kind of self-selecting.... — Sprout, Fri Nov 24 3:50pm