When I was a kid
Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:04pm

I recall that access to "dirty magazines" was not an easy endeavor. We kids knew the corner grocery store hid this somewhere behind the counter. Let's go back to that. Let's put clothes back on these harlots who use their bodies to create product sales. Reinvent standards. All the current hype is doing is creating a battle of the bulge. And the outcome is greater tension between the very much COMPETING genders.

  • CLEARLY, you are part of the problem.Sia☺giah, Sat Nov 25 12:56am
    Therefore, I expect nothing but claptrap BLATHER from you on this issue. Having never BEEN a woman, you obviously have NO CLUE how demeaning your words are or how humiliating it is for women to... more
    • When I was a kid — PH💋💄👗EY, Sat Nov 25 12:04pm
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