Mostly what you say is truth in reality..
Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:56pm

But it's hard to deal with fememental libratated wemen some
will grind yer crotch and when they get the goose turn
and slap you, even accuse of harassment.

They love all the attention.

Amazing some wemen thinking men
have control of a boner, in reality it
pretty much comes and goes as it pleases, and
trying to whip it into submission only works
for a short time.. lol

  • Been waiting for you.PH💋👙💄EY, Sat Nov 25 5:16pm
    Wondered what has taken so long for the peanut gallery of psychology to try and label my commentary as a portent. Go screw your self!
    • Mostly what you say is truth in reality.. — et, Sat Nov 25 11:56pm
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