It is NOT as easy as she's made it sound.
Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:34am

MANY victims are major "breadwinners" for their families. To quit would take food out of their mouths. In cases like that, people put up with a helluva lot more than they might want to put up with.

I've encountered more than my share of sexist pigs who think it's just fine to harass women. I've had a few bosses corner me and physically assault me. Of course I complained about it. Unfortunately, the "boys will be boys" attitude ran rampant at the time. You have NO CLUE what it's like to be a female in a world STILL essentially "ruled by men". For many, only specific laws against it stop them from outright sexual harassment. They STILL find a way though, it's just not AS bad nowadays. Now women HAVE options and recourse. But it was NOT always so.

For someone who claims to have learned how to "deal with stuff" and to "suck it up" to survive in the wild world, you sure don't allow for the same thing in females. Whether or not you realize it, you've got a heavy dose of chauvinistic attitudes in you. No doubt from the times that you came of age. You've also got a major distrust of women, in general. That's a shame.

However, you're coming off VERY BADLY in what you're spouting off. I'd suggest that you give some serious thought to how best to phrase what you're trying to point out (about teasers) and stop the general victim blaming and assignation of guilt on WOMEN that rightfully belongs to the men who cannot control themselves like adults that you've been spouting off for days here.

  • Please accept my apology.PH💋💋EY, Sat Nov 25 8:05pm
    While I had a momentary hot flash at some of your commentary, I can see you have great integrity. You did what the cowards and gold diggers fail to do in the moment. Bless you. And I have been... more
    • It is NOT as easy as she's made it sound. — Sia☺giah, Sun Nov 26 1:34am
      • En Contraire (sp)PH😳😳EY, Sun Nov 26 7:12pm
        I got the picture. She did the right thing. And it was difficult for many reasons not fully described. Conditioning the male with conflicting messages begins at a early age. I blame our culture. I... more
      • My quitting nearly made us homeless...Truthteller, Sun Nov 26 12:46pm
        but my husband agreed that there was no way I could work for that man anymore. He was a large man for his age and I feared that next, he would rape me. The main reason we didn't become homeless was... more
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