The industries with the worst sexual harassment
“you’re not famous and there’s no one famous to shame.”
Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:02am

The industries with the worst sexual harassment problem

The casting couch. The holiday party. The black car.

The setting for sexual harassment in the news and popular culture lately is Hollywood or Silicon Valley or Capitol Hill — but researchers say women who work in restaurants and clothing stores tend to encounter more predatory behavior than those in glitzier professions.

“It’s a story people haven’t focused on enough,” said Jocelyn Frye, who studies women’s economic security at the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank in Washington. “Low-wage workers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment.”

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Apparently it isn't just a relative handful of famous people in Hollywood or Silicon Valley or Capitol Hill that are predators and prey.

Jus' sayin'.


    • Have you ever seen movies from the 60s?SES, Mon Nov 27 9:24am
      I was watching some movie awhile back, made in the 1960s, a comedy set in an office environment. I can't remember who was in it. Tony Curtis, maybe? The businessmen all wore grey suits, with thin... more
    • That's life. PH💋💋EY, Mon Nov 27 9:08am
      Another number cruncher out to castrate the American male.
    • Direct correlation to populationPikes, Sun Nov 26 9:59am
      Politics and media get a lionshare of attention. But how many people actually work in those industries? Does it balance to become an across the board social problem, or does some attraction draw more ... more
        • See the above painted lips?PH💋💄EY, Mon Nov 27 9:12am
          If that is not OBJECTIFYING, I do not know the meaning of the term.👙💋💋💄
        • Observation when I taughtPikes, Sun Nov 26 11:56am
          In the course of one unit, since music is a product of imagination and creativity, I asked students to write about superpowers, and to choose just one if they could have that one and only superpower. ... more
          • MnemokinesisMerlin, Sun Nov 26 12:44pm
            Just as effective, I think, as invisibility, in that if spmeone can't remember what they are seeing it is effectively invisible to them. And it comes in handy for many other purposes.
            • SpmeonePikes, Sun Nov 26 11:02pm
              Fruits and nuts may have all the flavor of the neapolitan world, but with less memory than Reagan and Trump combined.