Observation when I taught
Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:56am

In the course of one unit, since music is a product of imagination and creativity, I asked students to write about superpowers, and to choose just one if they could have that one and only superpower. By far the preferred superpower chosen was invisibility, and that for the purpose of committing uncatchable crimes. Mostly burglaries, shoplifting... but there were some rapes and sexual assaults.

    • Observation when I taught — Pikes, Sun Nov 26 11:56am
      • MnemokinesisMerlin, Sun Nov 26 12:44pm
        Just as effective, I think, as invisibility, in that if spmeone can't remember what they are seeing it is effectively invisible to them. And it comes in handy for many other purposes.
        • SpmeonePikes, Sun Nov 26 11:02pm
          Fruits and nuts may have all the flavor of the neapolitan world, but with less memory than Reagan and Trump combined.