En Contraire (sp)
Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:12pm

I got the picture. She did the right thing. And it was difficult for many reasons not fully described. Conditioning the male with conflicting messages begins at a early age. I blame our culture. I blame women who sell their bodies to the "Vanity Faits." Yep, I do.

  • It is NOT as easy as she's made it sound.Sia☺giah, Sun Nov 26 1:34am
    MANY victims are major "breadwinners" for their families. To quit would take food out of their mouths. In cases like that, people put up with a helluva lot more than they might want to put up with.... more
    • En Contraire (sp) — PH😳😳EY, Sun Nov 26 7:12pm
    • My quitting nearly made us homeless...Truthteller, Sun Nov 26 12:46pm
      but my husband agreed that there was no way I could work for that man anymore. He was a large man for his age and I feared that next, he would rape me. The main reason we didn't become homeless was... more
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