I still want to see the final season of House of Cards.
Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:45pm

Frankly I feel somewhat molested, left hanging (as it were). Good talent is just that. And as one indivud stated in your attached article. Art transcends and is in a separate state all its own. Is any one smashing Michaelango's statue of David? He was known to adore the post puby boys who did more than model. Which brings to mind the hysteria to destroy Confederate monuments, great works of art, considered images of the molestation (wrongly) of an entire slave population. Are we soon gong to burn books?

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    • I still want to see the final season of House of Cards. — PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Nov 26 8:45pm
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          • Speaking of Gould,PH🎼🎹EY, Mon Nov 27 10:39am
            and I am a bit sketchy on the piano piece that he was playing.....but on the entire record he is occasionally vocalizing strange murmurs and vocal oddities. Twas peculiar.