I Strive to Know As Little As Possible About Actors
Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:13pm

in real life because I am interested in them only in terms of the roles they play.

Knowing about them personally, I find, interferes with my suspension of disbelief.

Paintings, plays, music and such, likewise, I do not really care to know anything personal about the composer, artist or performer.

For example, my favorite musical composition is:

However, I find that knowing anything personal about Bach, Goldberg or Gould adds nothing to the frisson I experience each and every time I listen.

Ditto for van Gogh:

  • I still want to see the final season of House of Cards.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Nov 26 8:45pm
    Frankly I feel somewhat molested, left hanging (as it were). Good talent is just that. And as one indivud stated in your attached article. Art transcends and is in a separate state all its own. Is... more
    • I Strive to Know As Little As Possible About Actors — Merlin, Sun Nov 26 9:13pm
      • Precision of a super computer, and humanity of a super person. Have you heard a recording of Wanda Landowska playing this? I am just the opposite in desire ... more
        • Speaking of Gould,PH🎼🎹EY, Mon Nov 27 10:39am
          and I am a bit sketchy on the piano piece that he was playing.....but on the entire record he is occasionally vocalizing strange murmurs and vocal oddities. Twas peculiar.