Gould was on another planet when he played Bach
Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:42pm

Precision of a super computer, and humanity of a super person.

Have you heard a recording of Wanda Landowska playing this?

I am just the opposite in desire to know the composer or artist. My depth of curiosity is usually equal to their depth of unique difference.

  • in real life because I am interested in them only in terms of the roles they play. Knowing about them personally, I find, interferes with my suspension of disbelief. Paintings, plays, music and such, ... more
    • Gould was on another planet when he played Bach — Pikes, Sun Nov 26 10:42pm
      • Speaking of Gould,PH🎼🎹EY, Mon Nov 27 10:39am
        and I am a bit sketchy on the piano piece that he was playing.....but on the entire record he is occasionally vocalizing strange murmurs and vocal oddities. Twas peculiar.