What does it mean to be moderate?
Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:39am

A moderator can know the extremes. But the choice is not to go there unless absolutely necessary.
Any effort to reach for a middle ground, especially from an extreme is a remarkable thing.

The "sex scandal" in news is about exhausted. Like the li'l boy who cried wolf too many times. I am uncertain if its a feeding frenzy, deep pocket searches, or some other motive, or a planned strategy to discredit- and that could come from one or numerous sides with the same result of reader weariness and apathy.
Any way cut, we're being carved up like a roast.

I read 25 candidates, GOP and DNC may challenge Trump. The GOP split into many pieces, upon which Trump capitalized by collecting the losers' delegates. The DNC split with Clinton and her dirty deals to sack Sanders. If the nation splits apart too much, we may begin to resemble Italy. Imagine the dollar challenged in value by the lira? Historically we have been a solid wall. Lately our wall needs some repair. If we let it go, to argue too much, it will eventually be ruined.

  • Sigh...HeavyHemi, Sun Nov 26 11:51pm
    Why is there this need to do this with you every time? You know what my point is but you choose to start out with some wacky extreme. No thanks.
    • What does it mean to be moderate? — Pikes, Mon Nov 27 1:39am
      • My view is Harvey Weinstein was a sort ofPH👙🚽EY, Mon Nov 27 9:00am
        sacrificial "lamb." The timing imo was and is to deflect public attention away from the LV false flag patsy massacre. It's a segue, a piece of "meat" to the ravenous sick salacious appetite of the... more
      • I'm not sure what to do with that. I was just trying to have a conversation about where we were, where we are... and where are we going.
        • They want to blame women for their own shortcomings in terms of behaving like a human in terms of sex, so out of sight and out of mind with all women. Fact of the matter is that the fault is with... more
          • There you go again.HeavyHemi, Mon Nov 27 12:11pm
            Denyiny their business model depends upon ypur intentional and wilful denial. Surely your intent was not to boor me with a boorish reprise?
            • I do not deny it. I point out that men have no one to blame but themselves. Men need to man-up and fix their Business Model and themselves instead of blaming their victims.
              • Oh...you assumed I was blaming the victims...HeavyHemi, Mon Nov 27 8:36pm
                did that thought come to you while enjoying a glass of suds at your local Hooters? :P I'm not sure why you see them as victims. Are they victims? How about Playboy models? Are they victims?... more
                • Not At All.Merlin, Mon Nov 27 8:47pm
                • The victim is me. I am bored with the subject.PH💋👙EY, Mon Nov 27 8:41pm
                  Is there not another diversion we can take up and run into the ground?
                  • How about Britney Spears singing? Pikes, Tue Nov 28 1:37am
                    Unedited raw. No autotune. No editing with sound correction software. This is a first take, confirmed by the studio producer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUdKrtsrCBI
                    • I Have Heard Some Great Singers...Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 2:59pm
                      ...live that were just awful. The B-52's just... ngh... it wasn't pretty. Some things are simply better when not attempted live. They require careful editing, multiple takes to get things right, etc. ... more
                      • Awww, disapointed. Love the B-52s.Sia☺giah, Sat Dec 2 11:16pm
                        Expected them to be GREAT in concert.
                      • Yes, high tech studio electronic wizardry can turnPH🐷🐷EY, Tue Nov 28 3:13pm
                        a pigs ear into a silk purse. Without it some overhyped performers can only oink. The artistry might be in the on stage presence, looks and delivery. Otherwise the real artists are the audio wizards. ... more
                        • Wow. You Totally Misconstrued My Post.Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 10:09am
                          I'll simplify. Bob has talent. Bob is a good singer. If Bob doesn't try to sing nearly impossible material, Bob can sing live and do a pretty good job. When Bob has studio production to assist him,... more
                          • Tell Bob if he is only a " pretty good" singer thenPH 🎼🎤EY, Sat Dec 9 9:33pm
                            he ought to not be in a studio, much less on stage for a live-in performance. There are millions of pretty good singers. Big deal. What does Bob have? Good looks? A big crotch package? Huge tits?... more
                          • Can of wormsPikes, Wed Nov 29 11:00am
                            I passed on a good piece of advice to students. "If you want a career in music, and anything can stop you, let it." The industry changed so fast, and is changing so fast, it's more difficult and... more
                    • Haha😀. Is that not awful!PH🎹💉EY, Tue Nov 28 12:11pm
                      First time I have actually consciously listened to her. How old is she....12? ALIEN. For sure! And notice she has no clothes on. Another enabler🤓. This is non-talent pushed by marketing... more
          • Some women chase men. Some chase in the way the mousetrap chases mice. Some leadership brings out good in people. Others bad. Trump fuels lots of bad. Much of that by example. Left alone or... more
          • It takes two to tango.PH👗🌽EY, Mon Nov 27 10:30am
            Does not the apple signify knowledge? Is not this the fruit from the tree of knowledge? Don't we worship knowledge? Did not teacher get an apple from her student? Am I not typing on an APPLE product? ... more
        • Okay. What is your opinion.PH👻👻EY, Mon Nov 27 9:01am
          Where are we? Where have we been? Where are we going?