Have you ever seen movies from the 60s?
Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:24am (XFF:

I was watching some movie awhile back, made in the 1960s, a comedy set in an office environment. I can't remember who was in it. Tony Curtis, maybe?

The businessmen all wore grey suits, with thin black ties. There were no females higher than office staff.

Anyway, it was a little jarring to see the way they treated the female office staffers. Very sexist. Sexual innuendo. Leering at them. Sort of condescending and superior. All in good fun, of course. I mean, it WAS a comedy.

At the time, in the 1960s, that was normal. It was expected. It was just the way things were.

It was so main-stream that you could put it in a movie and people wouldn't bat an eye.

I'm sure that mindset continued well into the 70s and even early 80s. Around the end of the 70s and into mid-80s, with the rise of the Feminist movement, is when I think it became more of an issue.

So any of these accusations that go back THAT far are, I think, excusable to a certain extent.

But more recent? Like, anything in the 2000s?

Totally unacceptable and inexcusable behavior.

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    • Have you ever seen movies from the 60s? — SES, Mon Nov 27 9:24am
    • That's life. PH💋💋EY, Mon Nov 27 9:08am
      Another number cruncher out to castrate the American male.
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        • See the above painted lips?PH💋💄EY, Mon Nov 27 9:12am
          If that is not OBJECTIFYING, I do not know the meaning of the term.👙💋💋💄
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          • MnemokinesisMerlin, Sun Nov 26 12:44pm
            Just as effective, I think, as invisibility, in that if spmeone can't remember what they are seeing it is effectively invisible to them. And it comes in handy for many other purposes.
            • SpmeonePikes, Sun Nov 26 11:02pm
              Fruits and nuts may have all the flavor of the neapolitan world, but with less memory than Reagan and Trump combined.