The rabbit hole: There are enough tentacles
Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:53am

buried in the attached link to keep a thinking sleuth busy for quite some time. The outing of a "charity" that was alledgedly co-founded by a surviving LV massacre witness is hugely revealing. And as the author intimates, therein is a view largely ignored in the rush to label the death four days later of the woman (Kymberley Suchomel) as a homicide because she knew to much, was outspoken, and had blog-stated she would organize other survivors to expose the MSM coverup. The hint among many inferences are the connections to the MIC (military-industrial complex) via her employment record, and the MIC contributors to the charitable foundation....a charity ostensibly set up to counsel psychological trauma victims. These OCTOPUSSY tentacles extend back to the PROMIS software scandal, the Hamiltons, "Justice" Department, Cabasha (California casino) Indians and the murder of independent investigator Danny Casolaro. Further to the intrigue regarding contributors is a connection to 9-11 and who and what had the security contracts for WTC and various airports such as Logan and Newark. Ask yourself who are the owners of these murderous conniving corporations, who constantly change their corporate names to throw off the curious. And to add the whip team on top of the pile of shit, these connections are no stretch of grasping at a straw to link up with Orlando, the Pulse Nightclub and the alledged shooter, MATEEN. Oh this IS a genuine rabbit hole that inevitably leads one into the lair of the wicked queen WHERE dwells a global criminal operation currently focused on the big prize, the takedown of Babylon. But hey, who cares? It's much more fun to argue about who is fondling who and which necessary evil is the better choice to screw over the people.

  • There Is No Conspiracy HereAmadeus, Wed Nov 8 11:11am Just stop. Enough already. Amadeus
    • The rabbit hole: There are enough tentacles — PH💀💰🔫💊💉EY, Mon Nov 27 9:53am
      • Corrected spelling:PH🤓🤓EY, Mon Nov 27 10:21am
        Cabochon Indians. A Southern California tribe that has, or did have casino interests.
    • More facts, no theory. How to fool an entire nation.PH💀🐀EY, Fri Nov 24 11:07am
      Well not 100% fooled. Some of us who pay attention know the LV harvest was yet another false flag patsy inside con job. No one is safe anywhere so long as elements within the law enforcement/... more
    • You are obviously misinformed.PH🔴🔴EY, Thu Nov 9 9:20am
      Sad. Snopes is a KNOWN disinformation website. Snoops as in spooks would best describe that fraud. I read their disinformation blather. It's a pleasant romp if one wants to be led by the nose. What... more
      • No.Amadeus, Thu Nov 9 10:13am
        Snopes is not a known disinformation website. They debunk. That means they unravel conspiracy theories, and since you like conspiracy theories, this bothers you. But that doesn't mean they are a... more
        • Re: No.PH🔎🔎EY, Thu Nov 9 11:14am
          LOLS! "They debunk." Precisely my point, thank you. You failed to answer my concern about why this "debunk" site does not refer to those eyewitnesses. Nor does this fraud site you proffer refer to a... more
          • There Aren't Any Eyewitnesses...Amadeus, Thu Nov 9 2:22pm
   multiple shooters, because there weren't multiple shooters. I will tell you what really does exist , though. There are people out there who get a kick out of starting conspiracy theories and... more
            • Gee, maybe it never happened.PH👁EY, Thu Nov 9 10:41pm
              It's all a giant hoax. No shooter, just sound recordings, ketchup, and Craiglist-.hired actors, all 22,000 of them. Come on, please tell me you are joking? Maybe there are no witnesses because there... more
              • The Earth Is A Sphere...Amadeus, Fri Nov 10 10:47am
                ...and the Las Vegas shooting was carried out by one gunman. Some people were confused while it was happening, but there is no evidence of multiple shooters. Snopes includes sources so you can check... more
                • A myriad of confused cell phone videos?😀PH😳😳EY, Sun Nov 12 2:35pm
                  You offer a concept closer to a definition of a cliche. I am sure some people were freaked out, panicky, and confused. Human nature. But many too were collected in their immediate needs. Others had... more
                  • You offfer nothing but your own claims.HeavyHemi, Sun Nov 12 2:41pm
                    Zero.. zippo.. zilch. Your posts are so devoid of fact and content that they are an insult to the person you are posting them too. It's that simple, you show an objective lack of respect for... more
                    • Well golly gee, what else WOULD I offer? Yours?😀PH💀💀EY, Sun Nov 12 3:41pm
                      You have so inspired me that I give you a free gift. A video that ought to creep you out for its import. It is one of many videos taken of the harvest. Feast your normalcy bias upon the capture. Or... more
                      • Your free gift🤓PH👹👹EY, Sun Nov 12 3:45pm
                        • You've GOT to be kidding. (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Nov 25 12:38am
                          • No, no joke.PH👹👹EY, Sat Nov 25 1:32pm
                            Because it's obvious the patsy could not have done the dirty deed, and multiple shooters are obvious by sound and witness reports, one might be inclined to seek out video corroboration. Are these... more