A punch will be thrown...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:26am

I may win, I may lose. I haven't won every fight I have been in.

What do you think would have happened had the woman, when Franken grabbed her ass, gave him a good clean slap across the face? On camera and all? Along with a clear and concisely stated, "Get your hands off my ass!"???

He would have been embarrassed, mortified and INSTANTLY corrected. And it would not have happened again.

  • I agree...wondering, Tue Nov 28 9:29am
    The enabling has to stop, and that is what we see happening right now. The culture has to change, and that is never easy. It is complicated. If you were standing in front of a camera, and some... more
    • Life threateningPikes, Tue Nov 28 10:36am
      Trouble with many females fighting back is they're alone with the male. Help is generally not available. By submitting to the rape, it is like playing dead with a predator. She hopes he will sniff... more
      • Exactlywondering, Tue Nov 28 11:12am
        But in many cases, women are still alone even when they are not alone with the guy. When they reported on what the guy did to them, they were told, "Oh, that's just Harvey being Harvey." Kind of... more
    • A punch will be thrown... — Sprout, Tue Nov 28 10:26am
      • She wasn't alonePikes, Tue Nov 28 10:40am
        That's the trouble I have with this story. She was not alone with him. What man grabs a woman's ass in public with her hubby taking the photo? It doesn't make sense, and if things don't make sense,... more