Claims that a "dick has no conscience" as an excuse for
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:44am

male sexual harassment and worse of females is pure BUPKIS.

That is WHY it has a BRAIN to "control it" or are you
Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:41am

That is WHY it has a BRAIN to "control it" or are you (Phooey) suggesting that men are SO WEAK-MINDED that they have absolutely NO CONTROL over what they choose to DO with their raging hormones?

It might explain why the TEMPTATION is present and why some might indulge their temptation in FOOLISH ways, but shoving responsibility for THEMSELVES onto OTHERS is just making excuses for WEAKNESS.

Is that what you're trying to say here? That men are all "pigs" who are unable to control their lust to where female temptations MAKE them rape, abuse, and harass females around them because they CAN?

If that's the case, then you should be ASHAMED of being male.

Truth is, the phenomena the REST of us are talking about isn't "out of control lust" in situations that find weak men being teased to death by "harlots". It involves POWERFUL men (and women) CHOOSING to take advantage of and abuse WEAKER underlings who are largely POWERLESS to DO anything about it without ENORMOUS personal risks, professionally, emotionally, and physically.


    • at a time. Didn't they teach you this in Sister Clementine's 'sex ed' class?
    • This is why...Truthteller, Thu Nov 30 3:02pm
      Middle Eastern women must be made to suffer for their men's animal lust by wearing tents in public so as to not be thrown down and raped by the first man who feels like it. If a woman IS raped, SHE... more
    • Yep, we males are weak minded.PH🔥🔥EY, Tue Nov 28 3:02pm
      You said it. Who is running the planet? Ain't it a sorry mess. And embedded in the ruling matrix, front and center, are LUSTS. Food, shelter, heat, and sex. Men provide the first three so y'all... more
      • Speak For Yourself (nm)Merlin, Tue Nov 28 3:11pm
        • Oh, my post excludes me.PH👙👙EY, Tue Nov 28 3:26pm
          The painting is a generalization. I have no power of the kind that could make a difference. And to date I have observed the liberated female politician not being different. Indeed, if Hikdebeast is a ... more
    • Dick enablement = blood loss to the brainPikes, Tue Nov 28 10:55am
      God knows humanity seems full of that! Politics and entertainment make it public spectacle. Ever notice Barron raises himself? Dad isn't around much. Bet you Trump is passing on the parenting model... more
      • him. He'll be fine. He'll be the child "left out" of the mess that his father leaves behind. Perhaps Tiffany will be spared as well. The top 3? Ivana's children? Not on your life. They will all go... more
        • The metaphorPikes, Tue Dec 5 12:25am
          blood loss to the brain meant "thinking with the little head." Like too many men do too often. Barron's only chance is with Melania, IF she can neutralize Donald's faults of influence enough. But... more
          • I knew exactly what you'd meant. LOLSia☺giah, Wed Dec 6 12:28am
            I was simply trying to point out that there's NO excuse for the premeditated decision for sexual harassment because there IS an actual brain still thinking then. Big difference from when someone is... more