You are speaking from a MAN'S POV. That's where you
Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:17am

are making a serious error in how WOMEN react. Better for you to ASK women how it feels to them and what options they REASONABLY have under such circumstances.

Surely you KNOW that women are weaker than men? That bosses are more powerful than subordinates? That this issue is FAR MORE than who can beat up who or a bully on a playground where the worst that will happen is a bloodied nose.

This is REAL LIFE. This has REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES where those consequences can cost a victim more than a bruise or bloodied nose, but LONGSTANDING harm that can pervade EVERY ASPECT of their lives, right down to putting food on their tables for their children.

VERY different from what you're describing.

As a very young woman, one of my bosses was constantly touching me inappropriately and did so IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. NO ONE said a word and EVERYONE LAUGHED, male AND female, although the females did so hesitantly because they were just glad it wasn't THEM that time. It was a different world. Women were TRAINED to think it was NORMAL and ACCEPTED behavior. The backlash for it got REALLY ugly for awhile. Now, it is coming up AGAIN because, while the AVERAGE JOE got "the message" that sexual harassment is NOT OKAY and ACCEPTABLE anymore, the rich and powerful still had the message that it WAS OKAY because their power and money made them exempt from the rules that OTHER PEOPLE had to follow. The POWER PLAYERS and ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, as a whole, still looked up the "casting couch attitude" as legitimate and inevitable. THAT made its victims AFRAID to speak out, and not wanting to FEEL like helpless victims, many tried to "play along", unable to DO anything about it, so "had to pay their dues" to get anywhere. The BLAME for that is HARDLY "all on them". If you asked 19th century slaves why they still kowtowed to whites for several generations, you'd learn a little something about THIS situation that would color it differently for you. However, as a white male, you likely have ZERO experience with being overwhelmed by those who hold extreme power over you to where even your BODY was on the table.

NOW, the piper is demanding to be paid and powerful people are falling like dominoes. Don't blame the victims, after all, being made to FEEL like helpless victims because nearly ALL of their peers also feel like victims and counsel them to "suck it up as their dues" is a very negative environment that will only change when victims feel EMPOWERED to speak up and NOT BLAMED for being VICTIMS of PREDATORS.

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