I googled it and basically found a warning to tourists
Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:05pm

that females who are drunk and alone may be harassed by young single males... I'm not sure that would not be true anywhere.

It also pointed out that DRUNK females are less likely to find sympathy in Italy than in other places...

But it said that in a group, a clear and SOBER refusal will likely generate support from others around you and the perpetrator will likely leave...

Sounds more to me like there are a FEW troublemakers (with alcohol being a significant contributor) and basic precautions should handle the problem in most cases. I think this could probably be said for most any place.

  • Hopefully the culture has changed there.wondering, Tue Nov 28 11:35am
    Hopefully the culture is changing in a lot of places that have and still do condone barbaric customs and behavior.
    • I googled it and basically found a warning to tourists — Sprout, Tue Nov 28 12:05pm
      • Cultural norms....wondering, Tue Nov 28 1:49pm
        are not the same for most any place in the world. I just watched a video that DFM posted on the R&E board where the groom slapped his new bride sharply in the face, I presume to show his 'authority'... more
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