The Black girl is Courtney. She used to be the Manager.
Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:09pm (XFF:

Courtney was great. She was the Manager and also tended bar occasionally. She left a few months ago, though.

I'll be there on Thursday night for the Cowboys-Redskins game (GO COWBOYS!).

If it's a typical night they'll have two girls working the bar, and maybe 6 or 8 waitresses working the floor. Usually 2 or 3 are Black girls, if for some weird reason "diversity" in waitresses is important to you.

What's appetizing about "real mommas shouting out orders"? That's why I refuse to go to "Waffle House" anymore. Their business model is apparently "loud obnoxious New York diner". Holy crap, I've never heard such a racket in a restaurant before. The waitress will take your order, then stand five feet from the cook, and YELL OUT YOUR ORDER TO HIM??? while he bangs pots and pans around.

To each his or her own.

  • Are these bawdy wenches Brits and Scots?PH👙👙EY, Tue Nov 28 11:53am
    No doubt their cockney accents are charming. Do they do a sword dance at tilted quilt? Further I see NO diversity. Where are da black gals? Oh wait, I do see one colored girl. I prefer a good hash... more
    • The Black girl is Courtney. She used to be the Manager. — SES, Tue Nov 28 12:09pm
      • I can tell you like the PH🤓🤓EY, Tue Nov 28 12:16pm
        a finer things in life. I jus trying to be PC. They do look to be well scrubed and clean. Wait til they get a age discrimination suit.....some old burned out former'll be back at... more
        • ...Hooters or some other restaurant, an ugly fat overweight girl with pink hair and all kinds of metal studs in her face went in to get an application, and was turned away -- just as she knew she... more
          • Horrible!!PH👹👹EY, Tue Nov 28 1:09pm
            The hash house would hire the dyke. They would have to. I suppose she thought she was attractive. Poor thing, the complete opposite of an enabler unless one counts male suicide. Given the first name... more
            • ...she went in to ask for an application -- to see how they would react if a fat ugly pink-haired studded-faced woman tried to get a job there. I tip no more than I tip anywhere else -- 20%, rounded... more
              • Yeah, a porky gross tub of lard PH🍒🍒EY, Wed Nov 29 9:45am
                who goes out of her way to look gross. On the other hand, hiring just one ugly porker would make the other girls (dare I use that term) look twice as voluptuous. Good thing it's just the meat allergy ... more
                • Two of the girls at "my" Kilt in Petersburg were selected to be on the Kilt Calendar. That was kinda cool. One of them was Andrea, who was my waitress once. By far the most beautiful girl I have ever ... more
                • LOL...Sprout, Wed Nov 29 9:51am
                  It might make the customers who HAVE the attractive wait staff happy to have the service they are having, but it is NOT good for the customers the 'ugly porker' is serving because it fails to meet... more