A type of ' narcosis' (nm)
Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:27pm

  • You describe the crime of violencePikes, Tue Nov 28 10:15am
    If we're listening, women say rape is that kind of crime. For the woman. For the man it certainly is sexual in his release. There is nothing else in the human experience that comes close to the... more
    • A type of ' narcosis' (nm) — PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Tue Nov 28 12:27pm
    • I will not forget....wondering, Tue Nov 28 11:27am
      the rape case that involved the famous basketball player that lured a young woman up to his hotel room and then sexually assaulted her and then said it was consentual. During the trial, he said... more
      • Is her coming to his room consent?Pikes, Tue Nov 28 8:06pm
        Talk about wide latitude. No doesn't mean yes. Ever. "Put your rooty tooty point and shooty away, mister." Trump empowerered sexual assault, harassment, and intimidation like no other POTUS ever.
        • In the Kolbe case it seems to mePH🍒🍒EY, Wed Nov 29 9:53am
          she was not an innocent teen, but a fully grown mature young woman who surely would know going to a guys room is a tacit agreement to get it on. She went there to incite? Maybe she changed her mind... more
          • You think teens are innocent?wondering, Thu Nov 30 8:26am
            And women aren't? Kolbe Bryant was a star. He was in a position of power. Who would want to believe her over him? As I remember it, she was invited to his room and she went knowing he was married,... more
            • Was she a teenager?PH🌽🌽EY, Fri Dec 8 9:58am
              I do not recall that. She went up there for sex, changed her mind after creating a situation. Maybe he pounced on her. Bruises? Females easily bruise. It's her word againt his. Since she failed to be ... more
          • There's a good reason when spinning out of control in society, it's called a witch hunt. I know people whose careers were destroyed by accusations of irresponsible young females who discovered a... more
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