Cultural norms....
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:49pm

are not the same for most any place in the world. I just watched a video that DFM posted on the R&E board where the groom slapped his new bride sharply in the face, I presume to show his 'authority' over her. It did not look like she enjoyed or asked for it, but the crowd of people (both men and women) clapped and cheered afterward as if to show their approval. Female circumcision is another custom in some places that would be considered barbaric and criminal in other places. Females are just starting to be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Honor killings are still a custom in some places.

As travel and communication has made the world a 'smaller place', perhaps eventually there will be fewer differences in cultural norms, but many cultures still have their quirks, traditions and differences that are not practiced or understood by other cultures. Even in the US, traditions and attitudes are different in different places, and religion seems to have a lot to do with racist and sexist attitudes and traditions. As long as an ancient book is worshipped and esteemed as the holy and absolute, perfect Word of God, many of those attitudes will no doubt still persist.

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    • Cultural norms.... — wondering, Tue Nov 28 1:49pm
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