Yes, high tech studio electronic wizardry can turn
Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:13pm

a pigs ear into a silk purse. Without it some overhyped performers can only oink. The artistry might be in the on stage presence, looks and delivery. Otherwise the real artists are the audio wizards. A number of years ago the fraudulent lip synch was tried out on audiences. I think that failed experiment was because the singer could not sing without dodging beer bottles and a chorus of booze. If a singer is live and sounds awful, then he or she is no singer. More like uh....fake.

  • I Have Heard Some Great Singers...Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 2:59pm that were just awful. The B-52's just... ngh... it wasn't pretty. Some things are simply better when not attempted live. They require careful editing, multiple takes to get things right, etc. ... more
    • Yes, high tech studio electronic wizardry can turn — PH🐷🐷EY, Tue Nov 28 3:13pm
      • Wow. You Totally Misconstrued My Post.Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 10:09am
        I'll simplify. Bob has talent. Bob is a good singer. If Bob doesn't try to sing nearly impossible material, Bob can sing live and do a pretty good job. When Bob has studio production to assist him,... more
        • Tell Bob if he is only a " pretty good" singer thenPH 🎼🎤EY, Sat Dec 9 9:33pm
          he ought to not be in a studio, much less on stage for a live-in performance. There are millions of pretty good singers. Big deal. What does Bob have? Good looks? A big crotch package? Huge tits?... more
        • Can of wormsPikes, Wed Nov 29 11:00am
          I passed on a good piece of advice to students. "If you want a career in music, and anything can stop you, let it." The industry changed so fast, and is changing so fast, it's more difficult and... more