Who is making that argument?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:43am

Besides the people in your head.

  • In the situation being discussed why wouldSprout, Tue Nov 28 1:11pm
    the physical strength of the male being greater have any effect unless one was expecting that male to USE that physical strength against the victim?
    • Who is making that argument? — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 29 3:43am
      • Then why bring up physical strength? Sprout, Wed Nov 29 7:57am
        Once again, it is best that you read an entire thread before weighing in on a single post. You're done.
        • Indeed, why did you?HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 29 2:25pm
          Once again...here's YOU "There is a significant difference... If a random guy grabbed my ass, one of us is going to have the crap beaten out of us. Him or me depending on relative physical size and... more
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