Indeed, why did you?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:25pm

Once again...here's YOU

"There is a significant difference...

If a random guy grabbed my ass, one of us is going to have the crap beaten out of us. Him or me depending on relative physical size and hand to hand combat skill. But one way or another, a beating will commence. Immediately.

I won't laugh or giggle it off due to 'surprise' or 'shock' as has been offered as a reason why some of the women in these cases did nothing about it at the time.

IMO that is why individuals who do this kind of thing repeat it. Because they get away with it the first time, and the second, and the third. They learn through experience that they can get away with it. If the FIRST time Weinstein grabbed somebody's butt, that individual knocked out two of his teeth, broke his nose, and cracked a rib or two, he would not have tried it a second time.

Fair or not, enabling the behavior has to stop."

I'm not even surprised anymore Spout.

  • Then why bring up physical strength? Sprout, Wed Nov 29 7:57am
    Once again, it is best that you read an entire thread before weighing in on a single post. You're done.
    • Indeed, why did you? — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 29 2:25pm
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