Immediately is relative.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:28pm

As soon as possible qualifies would fit into that paradigm.

  • LOL...Sprout, Wed Nov 29 2:10pm
    So, I guess if the dog chews up the slippers and you punish him for it tomorrow that is "immediate" to you.... Might want to look up the definition of that word.
    • Immediately is relative. — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 29 2:28pm
      • LOL.... sure....Sprout, Wed Nov 29 3:14pm
        I'll get back to you in a week or so... that's "immediate"... LOL
        • Because that seems to only happen when you can't defend your point unless you demand only a single narrow interpretation of the word instead of how everyone else uses it. There's a reason you just... more
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