Bill Clinton was asked why
Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:34pm

he pursued relations with Lewinsky and other women. Reply may be the most truthful thing the man ever said.

"Because I could."

It seems when some men attain positions of celebrity and power, inevitably they abuse it.

At the same time, truly powerless accusers may abuse the power of reporting when they discover they can.

Keillor and Lauer are gone as of this writing. I know three teachers whose careers were destroyed by young girls who accused them of inappropriate touching. The girls were all proven to have lied, but it didn't change the outcome. The teachers were not hired back, nor ever taught again anywhere, because of their reputation, even though they were totally innocent. The girls, because they were minors, face no consequences. IMO they should have been expelled, and sued with judgments delayed until they were adults in the work force.

Protecting the innocent from the guilty is a two way street. What, when the accusers are the guilty and the accused the innocent?

Sprout wrote of enablement and the need for quick, immediate acknowledgment and response. I agree. Some of these so-called revelations N years after the fact smell of something witch hunt and political.

You see the crowds of young mostly men leaving the financial district every day. Men all looking for some way to get ahead, to get noticed, and who craft the minefield of swindles American consumers must dodge- like reverse mortgages. Like banks that pay 1% interest on deposits, and charge 18% interest on loans. Like insurance who successfully lobbied lawmakers to force consumers to purchase their product by law. This is the same pursuit of the power to be celebrity and abuse power- in the board room and bedroom, innocent and powerless people become their victims.

I can only be accountable for me. I don't seek such power, nor would abuse it if I had it.

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