Let's Stick to Reality Rather Than Your Canine Fantasies.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:50pm

Takes more than a few hours or days to file a lawsuit.

In any case, whether it took an hour or a week, it failed to reform Weinstein or prevent him from committing the same sexual assaults again and again.

While most of Hollywood knew but said nothing.

Peer pressure would have stopped him in his tracks by scaring Weinstein straight or encouraging victims to go public via MS< Social Media, etc. and to the police immediately.

  • LOL...Sprout, Wed Nov 29 2:10pm
    So, I guess if the dog chews up the slippers and you punish him for it tomorrow that is "immediate" to you.... Might want to look up the definition of that word.
    • Immediately is relative.HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 29 2:28pm
      As soon as possible qualifies would fit into that paradigm.
      • LOL.... sure....Sprout, Wed Nov 29 3:14pm
        I'll get back to you in a week or so... that's "immediate"... LOL
        • Because that seems to only happen when you can't defend your point unless you demand only a single narrow interpretation of the word instead of how everyone else uses it. There's a reason you just... more
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