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You think teens are innocent?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:26am

And women aren't?

Kolbe Bryant was a star. He was in a position of power. Who would want to believe her over him? As I remember it, she was invited to his room and she went knowing he was married, hoping to get his autograph. She did not expect or asked to be raped. When he said he could see how SHE might have thought it was rape, he as much as admitted to raping her. She had bruises on her body, too.

So you think that by going to his room, she gave her consent to be raped? That she did not have a right to say no because he was aroused? So if a man sees a pretty woman on the street and becomes aroused, he should have a right to rape her? Do you want women to wear burkas or something or not be allowed out in public, else they can be raped with impunity?

  • In the Kolbe case it seems to mePH🍒🍒EY, Wed Nov 29 9:53am
    she was not an innocent teen, but a fully grown mature young woman who surely would know going to a guys room is a tacit agreement to get it on. She went there to incite? Maybe she changed her mind... more
    • You think teens are innocent? — wondering, Thu Nov 30 8:26am
      • Was she a teenager?PH🌽🌽EY, Fri Dec 8 9:58am
        I do not recall that. She went up there for sex, changed her mind after creating a situation. Maybe he pounced on her. Bruises? Females easily bruise. It's her word againt his. Since she failed to be ... more
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