I find it amusing when anti-Trumpers make it sound like...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:57am (XFF:

...those of us who voted for Trump had the choice of ANYONE ON THE PLANET and instead we chose -- Donald Trump.

At the time, I wanted Rubio. I've reconsidered THAT since then, but still... was a BINARY CHOICE!!!

You could either vote for Trump, or for Hillary. That's it. Those were the only two people we could choose from, the only two people who had any chance of becoming President.

To IGNORE that fact, and criticize people who voted for Trump as if there was ANY OTHER CHOICE other than Hillary (shudder!) is just duplicitous and absurd.

  • Kane appeared insubstantialPikes, Wed Nov 29 8:08pm
    and a rubber stamp for Hillary. No good. Pence is disliked by Hoosiers to extent he'd lose the next goober election. Warren is the real deal, but Republicans apparently can't shut up their name... more