One of the funniest things about the election was how...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:06pm (XFF:

...on Election Night Libtard news coverage, especially on PMSNBC, kept referring to the Dow Futures.

Their position was that, as it became clear that Trump would win, and DOW Futures started to plummet -- down more than 800 points -- it was obvious that the DOW was reacting poorly to a Trump Presidency.

Of course, once Trump won, the DOW took off like a rocket.

And now Libtard morons claim that the DOW took off like a rocket after the election because of Obama. After 8 years of a stagnant economy under Obama.


So to the Libtards, on Election Night the election of Trump was going to cause such a negative mindset that the DOW was going to plummet the next day.

But when Trump won, and the DOW actually went UP, that wasn't due to any POSITIVE mindset due to Trump winning. No, it had to be because of Obama's policies, which had already created a stagnant economy.

Too funny.

  • the economic conditions of 2016 on...according to dear SES.
    • One of the funniest things about the election was how... — SES, Thu Nov 30 2:06pm
      •'s funny...HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 30 5:35pm
        how you string sentences of babbling together thinking you made an adult, cogent argument. Obama was elected with an economic disaster in the works. Trump was elected with a stable growing economy.... more
      • Happen to know how the DJIA performed during the Obama years?
          • Or you would know that the Obama stock market was wonderful . Bull market is 103 months old. Trump owns 11 of them President Trump's victory last November set off a massive party on Wall Street that... more
          • Do you practice lying Pikes, Thu Nov 30 3:15pm
            to yourself, or is it a natural talent?
            • Wow. Pot. Kettle. Black.SES, Thu Nov 30 3:35pm
              Using Election Day as the day Obama became a Lame Duck: The DOW Closing: November 2, 2015: 17,910 November 4, 2016: 17,888 Oops. Sorry. The DOW wasn't stagnant. It went up 22 points in a year.
              • You describedPikes, Thu Nov 30 3:45pm
                the asshole of the elephant as representative of the entire animal. Why? Because you wanted to make the elephant an asshole. Not that it is, which it isn't. But that's what you wanted it to be.
                • Fine. Facts mean nothing to you.SES, Thu Nov 30 4:31pm
                  The DOW was at almost the exact same level when Obama's last year in office STARTED as it was when Obama's last year in office ENDED. Since then, it's SHOT UP by over 6,360 points. Now, please tell... more
                  • Complete facts do.Pikes, Thu Nov 30 7:40pm
                    Since your question is rhetorical, there is no point answering or discussing. You will visit and pile your own wealth of misconceptions and misunderstandings on me in effort to prove yourself right.... more
                  • ...would you use were you on the other side of the issue? Because you know what they are. What is more important? Showing up someone in an argument, or arriving at the most logical and best... more