Ah, so you haven't been investing in stocks for long
Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:51pm

Or you would know that the Obama stock market was wonderful.

Bull market is 103 months old. Trump owns 11 of them
President Trump's victory last November set off a massive party on Wall Street that is still going strong today.

The Dow has spiked an incredible 4,500 points since the election. As CNNMoney has reported frequently, that 25% surge is based in part on Trump's promises to slash taxes and regulation.

Trump, who warned of a "big, fat, ugly bubble" before he took office, brags about the red-hot market now that he's in charge. He did it again on Wednesday, cheering the "virtually unprecedented Stock Market growth since the election."

The market's cheerleader-in-chief never mentions that he inherited a bull market -- one that began long before "Make America Great Again" hats started showing up on the campaign trail.

The bull market in stocks started in March 2009, near the end of the Great Recession. This market upswing is now 103 months old, making it the second-longest on record.

Trump can claim credit for 11 months at most, if you start counting after the election. The other 92 months of upward trajectory took place under President Obama.

Taken as a whole, the Obama-Trump bull market is historic as well. The S&P 500 has soared 277% since bottoming in March 2009 thanks to the improving economy and extremely-low interest rates. That's good for No. 2 among all bull markets, according to Bespoke Investment Group.

Of course, the vast majority of those gains occurred under Obama. The stock market more than tripled during Obama's eight years in office as the U.S. economy recovered from the recession.

No matter the cause, record highs were a regular occurrence during Obama's second term -- even as Trump was bashing the economic track record of the 44th U.S. president. In fact, the S&P 500 hit 127 all-time highs under Obama, according to Ryan Detrick of LPL Financial.

#ThanksObama: Here's How Stocks Did During Obama's Presidency
If President Obama had been able to better address Americans’ widespread and persistent economic anxiety, Donald Trump might not be celebrating his inauguration today. But anyone with enough money to invest in the stock market had plenty to celebrate under the outgoing president: U.S. stocks rose an average of 12% a year during Obama’s two terms, according to S&P Global.

That ranks Obama 3rd among the 12 men who have served as president since World War II, based on the performance of the S&P 500. Only Bill Clinton (under whom stocks rose 14.9% a year over 8 years) and the late Gerald Ford (18.6% annualized during his 29 months in office) presided over better markets.

I made a ton of profits in the Obama stock market.

    • Ah, so you haven't been investing in stocks for long — Jeeves, Thu Nov 30 3:51pm
    • Do you practice lying Pikes, Thu Nov 30 3:15pm
      to yourself, or is it a natural talent?
      • Wow. Pot. Kettle. Black.SES, Thu Nov 30 3:35pm
        Using Election Day as the day Obama became a Lame Duck: The DOW Closing: November 2, 2015: 17,910 November 4, 2016: 17,888 Oops. Sorry. The DOW wasn't stagnant. It went up 22 points in a year.
        • You describedPikes, Thu Nov 30 3:45pm
          the asshole of the elephant as representative of the entire animal. Why? Because you wanted to make the elephant an asshole. Not that it is, which it isn't. But that's what you wanted it to be.
          • Fine. Facts mean nothing to you.SES, Thu Nov 30 4:31pm
            The DOW was at almost the exact same level when Obama's last year in office STARTED as it was when Obama's last year in office ENDED. Since then, it's SHOT UP by over 6,360 points. Now, please tell... more
            • Complete facts do.Pikes, Thu Nov 30 7:40pm
              Since your question is rhetorical, there is no point answering or discussing. You will visit and pile your own wealth of misconceptions and misunderstandings on me in effort to prove yourself right.... more
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