Complete facts do.
Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:40pm

Since your question is rhetorical, there is no point answering or discussing. You will visit and pile your own wealth of misconceptions and misunderstandings on me in effort to prove yourself right. So let's just go there now. You are right. You don't know how right you are. This isn't right correct. It's right in skewered understanding.

The DJSI must improve by 299% to match the improvement measured from January 2009 to January 2017.

What are you gonna do when the market corrects itself during Trump? Find some way to blame Obama? Or libtards" Or obstructionists?

  • Fine. Facts mean nothing to you.SES, Thu Nov 30 4:31pm
    The DOW was at almost the exact same level when Obama's last year in office STARTED as it was when Obama's last year in office ENDED. Since then, it's SHOT UP by over 6,360 points. Now, please tell... more
    • Complete facts do. — Pikes, Thu Nov 30 7:40pm
    • ...would you use were you on the other side of the issue? Because you know what they are. What is more important? Showing up someone in an argument, or arriving at the most logical and best... more